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Memorial Page

The Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians are saddened with the loss of one of our members, Brent Wilson of North Carolina. Please take a few moments to read these wonderful sentiments shared by his coworkers, friends and family.

Brent Wilson Memorial Page: Testimonials

"I had the honor and privilege of having Brent as an employee, colleague and friend for 29 years.  He had the extraordinary ability to make all other veterinary staff members better at their jobs, pushing them just beyond the comfort zones of their abilities.  We spent many hours together pushing each other to expand our knowledge and skill levels in order to set the standards of veterinary dental care in our service area.  There were 14 veterinary associates that learned their dental skills from Brent, from radiology, to cleaning, polishing and periodontal therapy.  He could debate with you the pros and cons of extractions vs. endodontic therapy or whether Kirk or Picard was the greatest starship captain.  He loved veterinary medicine, he loved life, he strived for professionalism at all levels.  He leaves a big hole in my life."

Dr. John Shontz

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