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Today's Veterinary Nurse is making a call for article submissions for its 2023 journals. If you or a colleague are interested in writing an article in this quarterly, peer-reviewed publication, please review the information below and submit your topic submission by March 9, 2022.


I've provided a few things below to help make this easier:


1. General guidelines on our publication, article formats, and commonly covered clinical topics

2. Format for topic submissions

3. Link to past issues:


Note: Please send submissions to with the subject line "TVN Article Topic"


Publication mission:

Today’s Veterinary Nurse (TVN) provides informative, practical articles with the latest information for the companion animal veterinary professional. Articles should emphasize standard-of-care diagnostics and management, but new advances in the field should be presented.


Submission format:

Please submit article topic submissions in the following format. Manuscripts, if available, will be considered but the following format is acceptable:


Email Address:


Subject Line: TVN Article Topic 


Working title

Overview: 50-100 words on the main ideas to be covered and relevance to a practicing veterinary nurse. 

Bulleted Skeleton: A bulleted list of section topics to be covered

Potential Figures/Images



Article formats:

• Review of a disease/condition, with a focus on improving the knowledge and skill set of the veterinary technician.
• Step-by-step tutorial with images, for example radiology, cytology, etc.
• Presentation of a case, complete with history, presentation, diagnostic tests performed, lab results, monitoring/nursing care required to support treatment, and follow-up care.
• Discussion of the clinical impact of a new or improved technique, procedure, medication, or treatment.

• Trend in veterinary nursing that could be addressed in a journalistic style and would not be peer reviewed.

• Issues that affect the wellbeing, mental health, and/or career advancement for veterinary nurses that would not be peer reviewed.



Article Topics:

Any applicable clinical topic will be considered. Common topics include:

• Nutrition

• Parasitology

• Interesting Case Reports

• Anesthesia

• Diagnostics

• Behavior

• Dentistry

• Client Communication

• Pain Management

• Emergency/Critical Care

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