Summer 2012: Photography — An Educational Visual Aid for Clients

Client education is the key to compliance and acceptance of the importance that oral health plays in the long term health and well being of any pet. There is nothing more powerful than a photograph that documents a condition or procedure being explained that is difficult to understand. Most clients have no idea of the extent of oral destruction that is occurring in their pet’s mouth. From extensive tartar accumulation to mobile teeth and tooth fracture, it is almost always a surprise if not a shock for client’s to realize the extent of their pet’s oral condition. Prophylaxis alone can provide a dramatic visual affect with the “before” and “after” pictures showing a remarkable difference. Using photography as a tool to provide a visual explanation of each pet’s oral condition, will give our client’s the confidence and understanding that they need to make educated decisions on their pet’s oral health.

The cases presented below, will show how useful this tool can be to any practice in the quest to find ways to impact the importance of good oral care for the lifetime of any pet. Clients are amazed at the results; they love the pictorial documentation and can easier realize the value of the dollars they have spent.

Tammi, left: before prophylaxis, right: after prophylaxis





Jasmine, left: before prophylaxis, right: after prophylaxis





Jingles, left: before periodontal therapy, right: after therapy





Examples of oral pathology, left: non-vital (discolored) tooth, right: lingual oral mass